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Jesús F. Cimarro (Ermua, Vizcaya, 1965) is a businessman and theater producer, and currently presides over the Association of Producers and Theaters of Madrid.  He is also president of the State Federation of Associations of Theater and Dance Production Companies of Spain. In addition, he has been president of the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain (AAEE) for 4 years.

Member of the European Federation of Show Businessmen, he has also been president of the theatrical producer and distributor Pentación Espectáculos S.A. (Madrid) since 1988. He has a master in Cultural Management from the Complutense University of Madrid, and has been the director of the Merida International Classical Theater Festival since 2012.

Throughout his long career he has produced more than one hundred and eighty stage shows, many of them outstanding hits with audiences and critics.

A contributor to the newspaper El Correo Español-El Pueblo Vasco for four years, he continues his work as a columnist and contributor to various theatrical publications today. He has taught numerous theater production and distribution courses and has been a professor of production at the Center for New Creators in Madrid since 1999. He is a Member of the Regional Council of Culture of the Community of Madrid and has been a Member of the Theater Council of the Ministry of Culture.

He was artistic director of the Muñoz-Seca theater in Madrid in 2003, and is the author of the book ‘Production, Management and Distribution of Theater in Spain.’ In 2005 he received the Max Award for Best Private Theater Entrepreneur, and he has been director of the Bellas Artes Theater in Madrid since 2005, as well as the managing director of the La Latina theater, also in Madrid, since 2010. In 2020, he also took on the direction of the Reina Victoria Theater in Madrid.