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Communication accessibility

The festival shows will be accessible for people with sensory diversity

The 69th edition of the Mérida Festival will be fully accessible to people with sensory diversity, run by the company Audiosigno, with the collaboration of Fundación CB and Ibercaja.

The communication support services that will be offered free of charge to the public are:

Magnetic loop amplifier for people with hearing aids (hearing aid or cochlear implant)

This is a sound system that transforms the audio signal into a magnetic field which is captured by the hearing aid and converts it into a clean, noise-free audio signal. The magnetic loop will be permanently installed in the area indicated on the map below and will be available at all Festival functions. Whoever needs it must request it when purchasing their ticket so they are seated in the specified area.

Plano bucle magnético

Live audio description for people with visual disabilities

It is a communication support system for blind or visually impaired people. Through individual audio receivers, the user listens to a voiceover that describes the relevant visual content of the play. The purpose of this service is to provide information on the spatial situation, gestures, attitudes, landscapes, clothing, etc. People who want to use this service must request it at the Festival box office and they will be given the receiver (on loan) to listen to the audio description.

Live subtitled for people with hearing impairments

This is a computerized system that transcribes oral information to written. The user can follow live subtitles of each play through their Smartphone or Tablet, or through the screens placed next to the stage. To access the subtitles through a device (Smartphone or Tablet) you must scan a QR code with a link to the live broadcast of the subtitles. The QR code will be provided at the box office and at the entrance of the venue.

Vibratory backpacks

One of the ways that people who are deaf or hard of hearing can best enjoy music is vibration. Music can be transformed into vibration in several ways. Vibrating backpacks, for example, record the frequencies of music and transform them into vibrations that can also be regulated, allowing their users to choose the intensity with which they want to enjoy each song. Along with the backpacks there are also headphones, lights that light up to the rhythm of the music and other systems that help facilitate accessibility at concerts. Since 2013, Subpac has been developing proprietary touch audio systems that combine advanced hardware, software and technology to deliver deeply immersive, nuanced bass with resolution and range far superior to any other brand on the market. Available only on request on specific days. Must be requested by calling information.

Touch tour

Only on demand, the audio describers also carry out a Touch Tour of each play for blind or visually impaired people who request it.

This activity consists of a guided tour prior to the accessible performance, where you can touch the elements of the scenery and costumes, and walk around the theater stage listening to detailed descriptions of the show.

The audio description, subtitling and vibrating backpack services do not require specific seating, they are available throughout the entire theatre, so the spectator can choose to sit in any area of the venue. The telephone numbers (calls and WhatsApp), general or specific information on the accessibility services offered by Audiosigno during the festival are: 687 659 875 and 628 667 256.

Calendario Funciones Accesibles