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Otras sedes

Other Venues

The International Classical Festival of Theater in Mérida has a vocation to extend its influence, magic and contribution to the performing arts beyond the Roman Theater of Mérida. In recent years this has led it to put on shows in the following venues:

Madrid. For Jesús Cimarro, director of the Mérida Festival, “it is essential to maintain this location in Madrid because it allows us to value and show the public that has yet to travel to Extremadura some of the most interesting Greco-Latin or Greco-Roman works that are scheduled in Mérida”.

Medellin. For the eighth consecutive year, this summer the recovered Roman Theater of Medellín (Badajoz) will host an extension of the Mérida Festival which will return the monument to its original function as a theatrical stage.

Regina. By virtue of the collaboration with the Regina Theater Festival of Casas de Reina (Badajoz), the Mérida Festival sponsors the most important show of this event organized by the Casas de Reina City Council. This year will be the fourteenth edition.Caparra. The International Classical Theater Festival of Mérida opened its fourth location in 2017 in the Roman city of Cáparra. Located in the province of Cáceres. The first stage of the contest saw the light here.