Teatro Romano de Medellín

19th to 21st July 2019

The Festival of Mérida in Medellín

Teatro Romano de Medellín (Roman Theatre of Medellín)

The Mérida International Classical Theatre Festival is taking its vocation to universalizing the Festival to Medellín and its Greco-Latin theatre. The rehabilitated Roman Theatre of Medellín is hosting a part of the Festival of Mérida for the sixth consecutive summer as a way to reinstate the monument’s original theatrical purpose.

Those attending this sixth edition will have the opportunity to enjoy three major shows which have reached Medellín following emphatic success among the public and critics alike: Hippolytus, a Festival of Mérida, Maltravieso Teatro and La Almena Producciones co-production; La loca, loca historia de Ben-Hur (The Crazy, Crazy Story of Ben-Hur), co-produced by the Festival, Focus and Yllana, and Esquilo, nacimiento y muerte de la tragedia (Aeschylus – The Birth and Death of Tragedy), co-produced with Compañía de Rafael Álvarez “El Brujo”.

In addition to these plays, the passacaglia Prometeo El Grande (Prometheus the Great) will be performed by the company Santuka de Fuego on 19th July at 9 p.m.

La loca, loca historia de Ben-Hur (The Crazy, Crazy Story of Ben-Hur)

19th July 2019

La loca, loca historia de Ben-Hur (The Crazy, Crazy Story of Ben-Hur)

By Lewis Wallace

Nancho Novo and Yllana join forces to create an insane, wild and really fun version of Ben-Hur, inspired by the mythical 1959 film. With a fast pace and visual ingenuity they’ve defined as TEATROMASCOPE (theatremascope), the staging allows them to bring such an epic story to today’s audiences without losing an iota of grandeur thanks to a constant play between cinematic and theatrical language.

La loca, loca historia de Ben-Hur is full of ingenuous visual gags, sarcastic and absurd dialogues and an interesting reflection of the truth, love and the gender battle. Four actors and two actresses in a state of grace bring a number of characters to life to once again tell what nobody dared tell about Ben-Hur and, this time, uninhibited. Because, in this story, things aren’t what they seem. Better said, in this story, things are what they seem…

Version: Nancho Novo.
Cast: Víctor Massán, Fael García, Agustín Jiménez, Richard Collins-Moore, Elena Lombao, María Lanau.
Artistic direction: David Ottone and Juan Ramos Toro.

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Aeschylus - The Birth and Death of Tragedy

20th July 2019

Aeschylus – The Birth and Death of Tragedy

The Rafael Álvarez “El Brujo” Company

Many years ago, I read the definition of Classical Art offered by a great Hellenist scholar whose name I no longer recall: “Classical work (he said) is when there’s nothing remaining of the effort involved in the creative process”. So, I thought, only a sunset, an eagle’s majestic flight in a limitless sky or the dancing of the stars in the universe can be classical. In short, something that’s always inaccessible to mortal artists.

This show is a Spanish comic’s take on Greek tragedy – a comic that has lived and continues to live just to make his audiences constantly laugh. No idea what the result will be, but for now… total happiness. Please enjoy.

Rafael Álvarez aka “El Brujo” (The Wizard)

Author: Aeschylus
Version: Rafael Álvarez aka “El Brujo” (The Wizard)
Cast: Rafael Álvarez aka “El Brujo” (The Wizard)

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21st July 2019


By Euripides

Hippolytus is a contemporary classic, a reading of which is radically interesting in modern times. The confrontation between the love Phaedra feels for Hippolytus leads her to suicide, pushed by Hippolytus’s intolerance and what people might say. The defeat of a woman embarrassed for loving versus the intolerance of a man who’s known to say about women, “I wish you’d all die”, clearly expresses the battle between men and women where women are always fighting at a disadvantage. Common sense is brought in by the nursemaid, a woman who represents unconditional love and reflects the exact opposite of all the goddesses who are much less concerned about the happiness of their children than the dispute between them to prove who is more powerful. In this version, all the tragic burden falls on Phaedra. She can’t not love Hippolytus.

Version: Isidro Timón and Emilio del Valle. 
Cast: Juan Díaz, Camila Almeda, José A. Lucía, Cristina Gallego, Mamen Godoy, Amelia David, Rubén Lanchazo, Javier Uriarte, Raquel Bravo, Sara Jiménez, Estefanía Ramírez, Guadalupe Fernández, Álvaro Rodríguez, Fernanda Valdés. 
Direction: Emilio del Valle.

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