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Maria Luisa Theatre

Maria Luisa Theatre

July 8 to August 5

After reopening for its inauguration in the last edition, the María Luisa Theater has once again been chosen for the official stage of the Mérida Festival, hosting 7 shows: Medea, a co-production with the Juan March Foundation, Republic of Rome, By all the gods, a monologue starring Fernando Cayo, Oedipus from Teatro del Temple, Clytemnestra, a performance by Cristina Castaño that returns to the Festival after premiering in Cáparra in 2020, En mitad de tanto fuego, a monologue written by Alberto Conejero and directed by Xavier Alberti, and Odisea, a show by the company Crea Dance, by María Rovira.


The María Luisa Cinema Theater was built at the beginning of the 20th century, in a very stylish “Art Deco” design. It was inaugurated in 1930, mostly financed by María Luisa Gragera, who was a great patron of the city of Mérida. Although it constitutes part of the historical memory of the city since the 50s, it had been closed for years. The renovation carried out in 2022 was the winning project in a contest carried out by the Mérida City Council. Thus all areas of the Theatre were renovated: the lobbies, the perimeter corridors, the house, the stage, as well as the service area. It also received a new roof completing the remodeled space which has become the city’s cultural center.