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July 21th, 2024. 22:45h

Zeus’s gift

By Concha Rodríguez

Deucalion dreams of going to Mars, speculating on that distant planet and returning as a hero. Pirra, like her mother Pandora, is an explorer and dreams of digging up and resurrecting the history that sustains us and then live peacefully on the hump of our mother Earth. He knows he has to keep conquering. She knows that, in the depths of time and on distant Olympus, a vessel keeps the philosopher’s stone of Hope and she is sure that by rescuing it, she will relax Zeus and his vengeful lightning. Thus we will rest from all the punishments that beset us today.

Talia, the Muse of comedy, feels inspired by this couple and sees a way to take revenge on her sister Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy, who terrifies humanity and also always reaps success. Talía goes down to the arena to breathe her version of events into the young people, she manages to get them in a car and take them to Olympus. Here they come across magic, the most difficult game yet, entertainment, tension and everything necessary to change history; always with the help of her mother, the Muse of Memory, and her father, the mighty Zeus.

The story is always the same, because it is written about the deeds of a hero from the eyes of a poet, from the soul and bowels of the artist, and inspired by the Muses of Olympus. Here Zeus, the immortal cloud-gatherer, still rules and has sent men the best of gifts, woman.

Every explanation, with its prejudice or veneration, is part of the imagination, the subconscious, the legend. Everything is fiction and true at the same time. Put disbelief aside and enjoy a comedy integrated with dance, circus and a magical universe.

Duration: to be confirmed.
Recommended age: For all audiences.

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