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From August 9 to 20, 2023


By Magüi Mira

This is a brutal story. The story involves real people who existed and crossed paths in the streets. In the first years of the 1st century AD, the Romans continue to invade the lands that surround the Mediterranean. They give power to monarchs, savage dictators, to subdue the people. They arrive in Judea only to meet princess Salome. She secretly supports the rebels who resist the rule of the corrupt puppet King Herod. Even though the king is appointed by Rome, he is a man without morals and rules without law.

John the Baptist, a spiritual leader of his people, cries out against the invader and becomes a captive in the prison of Herod’s Palace. He gives life to a new time. He is a Prophet. He says that hope is the breath of all dreams, and ignites the princess’ desire.

Salome yearns desperate for her beloved John the Baptist. Rejected by him, she transforms into a bleeding woman. Salome is the expression of Absolute Sensual Power and exalts her desire for John the Baptist, before overflowing in death.

Love and death live in a permanent embrace, and Salome crosses the red line that leads her to delirium. Egged on by her mother Queen Herodias, she dares to ask her stepfather, the King, for the head of John the Baptist. Herodias is a woman used and abused by power, a woman in need of freedom. She is floundering in a land of repression that ignores and stones women if they abandon strict morality. She drags herself through an impossible life wrapped in sex, alcohol and delusions.

And above there is Sirius. That star, the brightest in the sky, a sign of life on a planet that is destroyed from war to war and from god to god. Wars waged by the Herods of today. Yesterday and today at the same time. Sirius, that pure energy that can transform us.

And below, in the depths of the sewers, are the Guard of Moral and Order, excrement of power that insists on protecting the country from ignorant and vicious women. They cover their bodies with veils, leaving them without existence.

Sex has the power to move the world, love it and destroy it. That power is called Salome.

Magüi Mira

Duration: 90 minutes.

Recommended age: Over 16 years old.

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