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From July 31st to August 4th and from August 7th to 11th. 10:45 pm


By José María del Castillo


Medusa, the feared monster of antiquity with snake hair and a petrifying gaze for anyone who dared to look at her, is beheaded by the hero Perseus, who gives the gorgon’s head to the goddess Athena as a symbol of Victory. This is how we have always been told the story, but… what if the events were told to us by Medusa herself?

We reformulate the classic myth of Medusa to delve into induced social thinking, appearances, the fear of what is different and the value of integrity in a society that has not changed much despite the passage of centuries. Through humor and tragedy, music, voice, movement and the plasticity of a multidisciplinary staging we will tell the myth from the place of the defeated, the antihero, thus revealing the other side of every coin, which maintains its value, no matter which way you look.

Biting, ironic, tragic, sometimes funny, forceful and revealing staging to turn the established order around. The value of what should be silenced, but that screams a truth that wants to be heard. The truth of Medusa, The Gorgon.

Recommended age: from 12 years.
Duration: 90 minutes.

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