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From July 24th to 28th. 10:45 pm


By Shakespeare


Rome, beginnings of the Republic. In a context of great social conflict, the ruling class (the patricians) and the people (the plebs) confront each other: The people are hungry, they ask for wheat. At that moment war is declared against the Volsci. The figure of Cayo Marcio emerges, a noble warrior admired for his extreme valor and courage. His great victory will earn him the name Coriolanus.

After the victory the nobles want to appoint Coriolanus Consul, the tribunes of the plebs refuse. The game of politics, lies, impostures, and strategies begins. Coriolanus, an extremist man, decides not to betray himself, or his principles. His virulent reaction against the rights of the people will earn him condemnation as a traitor and exile.

Coriolanus joins Aufidius, leader of the Volsci, to destroy Rome. With Rome besieged and close to disaster, Coriolanus’s mother, in a memorable scene, makes her beloved son give up, because as Iban Martin says in his podcasts and books about Rome: “The love for a mother is sometimes stronger than the “I hate that it can be felt against an entire city.” Aufidius executes Coriolanus and in Rome a temple stands to female fortune and wisdom for having saved the city.

Recommended age: from 12 years.

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