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From August 14th to 18th. 10:45 pm


By Joan Espasa, José Manuel Mora and Carlota Ferrer

(The Untold Tragedy of the Greek Fortune Teller)

What do you prefer: know the truth and no one believes you or know nothing, tell lies and everyone believes them?

This show is a journey through the long life of the myth of Tiresias, which tells us in first person about his life, the war and family conflicts that he had to face trying to maintain order in the cities.

The violation of laws, disobedience to the prohibitions of Gods and kings build the identity of people, challenging the already written destiny of mortals with tragic consequences. In it we find the great classical characters who requested his services as a fortune-teller advisor: Zeus, Hera, Narcissus, Echo, Ágave, Creon, Oedipus, Ulysses, Antigone, Jocasta… The Gods punished and rewarded him in equal parts, sometimes being , the reward was a fierce punishment, like that of living eternally even in death, and the punishment was the reward of living in a woman’s body that endowed him with the knowledge and total sensitivity of a human being. A mortal with powers who, in opposition to the Hero, saw everything from the sidelines, incapacitated for action.

In this mythical journey, we travel through her long and intense life and witness for the first time in history her personal tragedy never before told. The tragedy of living knowing a future that sadly repeats itself over and over again, because we mortals are destined to stumble twice or more over the same stone: the blind arrogance of the seer in eternal conflict with the clairvoyance of the blind.

Carlota Ferrer and José Manuel Mora

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