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July 29, 2023


From Aristophanes / ONCE and Samaruc Teatre

Important note: For adult public (explicit sexual theme).

Samaruc theatre is an amateur group with more than 25 years of existence, made up mostly of actors with visual disabilities. It is part of the Teatronce Cultural Association. The project was born with the objective of working for the visibility and integration of people with disabilities through theatre, offering the public quality plays. This means that since its inception there has always been a professional director. At the moment he directs the Begoña Sánchez project. Throughout its history it has participated in numerous editions of the SARC (Servei d’assistència i recursos culturals), as well as collaborated in different projects and cultural associations.


The women are alone in their homes. This is how the months and years pass while men spend public money and their energies in sterile wars.

Fed up with living this way, the women decide to use very harsh pressure tactics to put an end to this situation.

Duration: 1h 25min.

Age: Adult public. Over 18 years.

Warnings: Explicit sexual theme.