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July 15, 2023

Republica de Roma

By Roberto Rivera

1st century BC. Rome is a city undergoing unstoppable growth that needs to expand to supply its huge population. Many of whom are in  extremely needy situations and involved in conflicts which reach the political sphere.

In this convulsive and unpredictable context, the Senate brings together the most famous speakers of Latine culture, who face each other to guarantee the survival of the Republic or achieve power, at any cost. On camera they do it verbally, leaving the most surprising speeches for history; riots take place in the streets, and murders are perpetrated in the shadows. Cicero and Catilina are at the center of this intersection of interests, and are the protagonists of a vital episode for the evolution of the city and its future.

The Romans, fed up with so much military uprising,  conspiracy, and violence in their neighborhoods begin to question the political system, mainly Greek Democracy, that manages the affairs of the city. Unaware of what their bitter confrontation will end up provoking, not without mutual admiration, the city is on its way to rebuilding its foundations. They are the last actors of the Republic, already in ruins. It is presumed that a new era will rise from the shadows.

Duration: 80 minutes.

Recommended age: For all audiences.