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July 28, 2024. 8:00 pm.

Cassandra or the praise of failure

By Íñigo Guardamino and María Herrero


Cassandra or the Praise of Failure is a show somewhere between contemporary chamber opera and theater. This montage delves into the life of the mythological character of Cassandra, known for her prophetic gift, but also for the cruel punishment she received from Apollo: the curse that no one would believe her predictions.

In the montage we work on the myth, relating to it from a contemporary perspective, comically exploring its relationship with the concept of failure and framing it in a dream world: Cassandra, trapped in the underworld, recovers her prophetic gift and wants to return to the world of the living, to warn them of a great catastrophe. Despite knowing that this is a place where her warnings and apocalyptic visions will undoubtedly fall on deaf ears, Cassandra will try by all means to get out of the underworld to fulfill her mission. Despite the various impediments that she will encounter along the way and the challenge to the gods that this entails, Cassandra will decide to persevere in the attempt to be heard to help the human world.

She will not be alone in this decision. She will be accompanied by Patti, a veteran muse, and Britney, a young student, sent directly from the School of Muses. In her chaotic attempt to leave the underworld they will encounter, among other difficulties, the ferryman Charon, the Can Cerberus (mythological monster that guards the doors of the underworld) and of course, the wrath of the gods.

As the narrative progresses, the viewer will discover the character of Cassandra and her companions, and their different visions on topics such as failure, meritocracy, collectivity or love, thus reflecting on different themes from multiple prisms, different realities and times.

We will reflect on the past but also about our future; Let us ask ourselves who the contemporary Cassandras are or the importance of social credibility when it comes to a message being heard.Cassandra or the praise of failure invites the public to reflect on the past to understand our present. Through the meaning of failure in human life she shows how different philosophical perspectives and poetry can shed light on our personal struggles.

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