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August 13, 2023

Que salga Aristofanes

By Els Joglars

In a mental health center, a group of patients is rehearsing a play about Aristophanes that will be shown in different centers around the country. Directed by a former professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, the leaders of the center observe the result of the show in astonishment. The professor/director believes he is embodying Aristophanes himself, and considers himself the creator of the satire and comedy genre. If that were not enough, the scenes that the patients enact in the show are not politically correct, the morality that prevails at the moment.

A debate begins here that will make us reflect on the limits of morality and freedom of expression. Who decides what is politically correct and what is not? We are exposed to an overprotective society capable of vetoing content due to the opinion of some. They are the new critics of society, who point to others, the “culprits” demonizing them through platforms that offer total anonymity like social networks, the bonfires of the present.

Duration: 80 minutes.

Age: Over 15 years.