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August 12, 2023

Miles Gloriosus

By Plauto

Miles Gloriosus, a boastful, self-important, sex-obsessed and narcissistic soldier, has kidnapped a beautiful young woman and has her in his house in Ephesus. Geta also lives there, a slave who already knew the young woman from before, as well as the man she’s truly in love with, and who of course isn’t Miles.

Geta, eager to give a lesson to his master, is helped by a neighbor who also wants to teach Miles a lesson. In Ephesus, almost everyone wants to teach Miles Gloriosus a lesson! They make a hole in the wall that connects the neighbor’s house with that of the military, so that the lovers can see each other in secret.

Everything gets complicated when the lovers are discovered by another of Miles’s slaves, who is about to go and tell their master. This forces Geta to convince the other slave that he has not seen what he has seen, resorting to a hilarious trick where Geta dazzles us with his impudence and ingenuity.

The cunning Geta is not satisfied and taking advantage of Miles’s obsession with sex, hatches a brilliant plan…

Duration: 95 minutes.

Recommended age: > 7 years.