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From July 5th to 9th 2023

Las asambleístas (Those who stumble)

By José Troncoso

Comedy for all audiences

Our protagonists have spent years and years, centuries really, stumbling over the same stones, making the same mistakes. Most of these mistakes have been mainly caused by the laws created by men.

The goddess Nemesis, fed up with this injustice, decides to cast a spell on women so that they unite and become aware. Together they must steal the men’s clothes and seize the assembly in order to change the established laws for more just and egalitarian ones.

But they will only have one night to cross the great forest that leads to the hill where the assembly is held at daybreak.

The road is dark and full of dangers, all mirrored to them wherein they see their own lives reflected. Facing their fears, they must figure out which laws need to be changed to have a lasting effect, once and for all.

The members of assembly will make us reflect and laugh at our roles in society, forcing us to get involved and take sides whether we like it or not.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Age: For all audiences.

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