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29 June to 1 July 2018


By Antonio Ruz

In my seventh year as director of the Ballet Nacional de España, I think it’s the perfect time to face a new challenge, a drama with a storyline developed through dance, with the complexity and responsibility that this entails. My ongoing desire to enrich and develop the performance capacity of the Ballet Nacional de España’s versatile artists has taken me to Antonio Ruz, the contemporary creator also trained in Spanish dance, who has known how to get not only movement out of each one of us, but also the soul of our personalities. When Antonio Ruz offered me the title of Electra, I found it very attractive and suggestive: a universal work, but not so often performed in the dance world. My only premise was that, in addition to enhancing his personality as a creator, the whole work will embody our culture, roots and customs, which is why the decision was made to set this Electra in 20th-century rural Spain. The flamenco and Spanish dance influence is reflected in the performance by the choreographic collaboration of Olga Pericet, who has imbued parts of the show with her personal style as a creator. The dramatic development has been adapted by Alberto Conejero, the music accompanying every scene has been designed in a totally descriptive way by Pablo Martín Caminero and Moisés Sánchez, and the flamenco composition is by the guitarist Diego Losada. This ballet is a new challenge for the Ballet Nacional de España. A human and visceral Electra, who speaks from the depths of her heart in her quest for freedom. Antonio Najarro, Director of Ballet Nacional de España

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