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From June 21 to 25, 2023


By José María del Castillo


Clytemnestra is a redo of the classic myth deviating from historically macho tradition. We rescue a woman who is the victim of a society established by and for men, a woman who rebels against the system, is ahead of her time and therefore branded as cruel and perverse by men.

The play gives voice to this woman who will tell us in first person about her world, her passions, her failures and her triumphs. The journey through the life of Clytemnestra takes us through the most relevant moments of her history. It discusses her marriage to Agamemnon, the sacrifice of her daughter Iphigenia, the romance with Aegisthus, the Trojan War and the relationship with her daughter Electra.

Through dance and music, and special importance given to flamenco, the interpretation will give life to this fascinating woman. The play is backed by a modified classical choir structure and multidisciplinary staging to help reach modern audiences. The figure of women in history… how much has it changed and where does her way of life leave us?

Duration: 1h 25min.

Age: Over 12 years old.

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