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From August 2 to 6, 2023

La Comedia de los Erros (The Comedy of Errors)

By Shakespeare

What is the truth? What is the origin of all that we agree to call “true”? Where do the foundations of the correct answers lie?

Dear public, is not error, perhaps, the answer to all those questions? What would be true and correct, if it were not for error? Would they exist as such? Truth owes its existence to falsehood and error, since the very idea requires the opposite to exist. The authentic and the correct are always so flat, so…so boring, don’t you think?

In The Comedy of Errors we start with a death sentence and everything turns into a party by mistake. By mistake we change partners thinking we are right and by mistake we end up in jail thinking we are honest. We learn from our mistakes, but it is a mistake to think this if we aspire not to make mistakes.

Greece, cradle of our culture, mother of Aristotle, Pericles and the Dionysian festivals, grandmother of Zorba the Greek, Varoufakis and the raves of Barceloneta. Four twins, that is to say, two pairs of twins related to two twin girls, who mistakenly pair up with the twins who are not their partners while their real twins disguise themselves as the wrong twins to seduce their twins, impostors of themselves…? or is it not? …no, I’m wrong, I’m wrong. In reality, they are a pair of twins, who are not twins to each other, but to another couple who are not twins to each other either, but to the other couple, who acquire a debt with a jeweler, a friend of an exorcist who lives near an Abbey where there is a Mother Abbess who is married to a merchant traveler whom she believes to be dead and is therefore more mother than abbess…or not, am I wrong again? The fact is that everyone wants to party by the sea in Ephesus… Does Ephesus have a port? It has a library and a beautiful theater, but… the sea?

I hope that Aeschylus, Shakespeare and Mikis Theodorakis join us on this journey and that you, dear audience, enjoy the party.

Andrés Lima and Albert Boronat

Duration: 110 minutes (approx).

Recommended age: Over 12 years old

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