2nd August 2019

The Festival of Mérida in Regina

Teatro Romano de Regina (Roman Theatre of Regina)

The vocation of the Mérida International Classical Theatre Festival to extending its influence, magic and contribution to the dramatic arts beyond the Roman Theatre of Mérida has led it to collaborating for several years with the Casas de Reina Theatre Festival of Regina.

In virtue of this collaboration, the Festival of Mérida is sponsoring the most important performance of this event organised by the Town Council of Casas de Reina and which is celebrating its third edition this year.

This summer, Festival of Regina theatre-goers will have the opportunity to enjoy the Extremaduran play Hippolytus.


2nd August 2019


By Euripides

Hippolytus is a contemporary classic, a reading of which is radically interesting in modern times. The confrontation between the love Phaedra feels for Hippolytus leads her to suicide, pushed by Hippolytus’s intolerance and what people might say. The defeat of a woman embarrassed for loving versus the intolerance of a man who’s known to say about women, “I wish you’d all die”, clearly expresses the battle between men and women where women are always fighting at a disadvantage. Common sense is brought in by the nursemaid, a woman who represents unconditional love and reflects the exact opposite of all the goddesses who are much less concerned about the happiness of their children than the dispute between them to prove who is more powerful. In this version, all the tragic burden falls on Phaedra. She can’t not love Hippolytus.

Version: Isidro Timón and Emilio del Valle.
Cast: Juan Díaz, Camila Almeda, José A. Lucía, Cristina Gallego, Mamen Godoy, Amelia David, Rubén Lanchazo, Javier Uriarte, Raquel Bravo, Sara Jiménez, Estefanía Ramírez, Guadalupe Fernández, Álvaro Rodríguez, Fernanda Valdés. 

Direction: Emilio del Valle.