Every Saturday from 30 June to 25 August

The Dreams of Hercules

A production by Festival de Mérida and the company Samarkanda Teatro

Why Hercules? It would suffice to say because Hercules is the maximum hero of classical mythology to consider him worthy of a street performance, and that his life and deeds provide such an extensive array of rich and suggestive material, so little more would need to be said. But theatre performances in the street are just one of many ways the total art of Theatre has to speak out, and, naturally, twenty-first century theatre must deliver a social message. Are the society and people of today able to catch a glimpse of themselves, where possible, or reflect, criticize or further themselves in a culture so extremely distant as the Greek or Roman cultures, in such an extremely different divine system and through such a peculiar and complex testimony as mythology? It may be in the search for that answer where you have to find the reasons for this street performance; maybe all forays in classical theatre and ancient legend are the result of the dream of confirming such communication or at least joining the attempt to do so.

But if the myth is psychology, if it is based on the ontological reality of Being and Nothingness, if it is conditioned by the physical and the moral and is closely related to religion, rituals and cults, doesn’t it speak of us? Is it not the result of a common essential root that reaches us today? Does it not arise from the need to communicate with the unknown, with ourselves?

The surface can be altered, but that desire for dialogue between the mortal and divine will remain; what we know and what we don’t; so vital then, so vital now. Won’t we therefore find part of us in that matter? Won’t it be useful to us to seek in the past something that tells about the present and even the future?

The street performance will start at the main entrance of the Roman Theatre and go down the pedestrian street c/ Santa Eulalia to Plaza de España.