Mythos (Beliefs in Augusta Emerita)

June – December 2018

Mythos (Beliefs in Augusta Emerita)

Museo Nacional de Arte Romano

In this exhibition, and within the framework of the International Classical Theatre Festival, the National Museum of Roman Art (MNAR) presents, in a visual and documented way, an important collection of items and texts reminding us of the role of Roman mythology in the provincial capital of the Western Empire, Augusta Emerita.

These items allow us to make a narration aimed at accompanying the spectator, illustrating the various facets of the universe of myths. Myths are always present in theatre as the axis of Greco-Roman literature.

Myths and beliefs of Greek tradition that were passed on to the Romans; myths imported from the Middle East, with high doses of mystery; myths visible in the different media, through their adaptation to public and private spheres. The myth is revealed as a system of social communication, as an explanation of a reality, combined with everyday fiction.

And all of this will be articulated in the rooms of the MNAR to bring the past to the present, to understand the essence of an ancient society to which we are heirs.

Complementary activities will be organised in parallel with the exhibition: conferences, university courses, guided tours, educational workshops, re-enactments… an exciting comprehensive summer programme at the MNAR to complete the International Festival of Classical Theatre programme at the Museum, a living building open to society.

Dr. Trinidad Nogales. Exhibition Curator. Director of MNAR.

Mulieres. Women in Augusta Emerita

From May to September 2018 

Mulieres. Women in Augusta Emerita

Exhibition extension. Museo Romano Oiasso (IRÚN)

The Temporary Exhibition Mulieres. Mujeres en Augusta Emerita, organised in 2017 by the Museo Nacional de Arte Romano and Mérida International Classical Theatre Festival, this year will visit the Museo Romano Oiasso, becoming a travelling exhibition to disseminate the role of women in the ancient world.

The exhibition reflects on various aspects of the female universe, stages of life and the family, maternity, death, women and their cultural education, personal adornment as a symbol of status and Women in Public Life and Power. Roman women who had a limited presence in society, in spite of being protagonists of numerous actions and events of their time, as revealed by the historical sources and the literature of past centuries.

This discourse is supported by singular and unique items, documents from the archaeological site of Mérida which bring us closer to these Roman women who lived in Augusta Emerita. Everyday objects, representations of themselves and their families, images of anonymous but also powerful women who made the history of the capital of Lusitania between the 1st century B.C. – 4th century A.D.

Mérida, Theatrum Mundi

July and August 2018

Mérida, Theatrum Mundi

Sede del Festival C / Santa Julia

The Mérida theatre architecture that has reached us today is very different from its original aspect in the Roman era.

The fabrics, coloured stucco or wooden doors and curtains have not supported the test of time, but traces of their existence has been left in the stones.

This exhibition aims to show the architectural space of the theatre in the Roman era through images and plans, comparing it with the stage area where the Mérida Classical Theatre Festival is held today.

The materials used will be large-format (90x300cm) printed images on photo paper and stuck on cardboard or plywood, each with its explanatory caption.