Conferencias: encuentros con los clasicos


10th to 19th July 2019

8th Classics Symposium

Museo Nacional de Arte Romano (National Museum of Roman Art)

Battles for power, male insecurities, the loneliness of rulers, the thirst for vengeance, the misfortunes of war… These always-current universal topics are found in the work presented at this 65th edition of the Mérida International Classical Theatre Festival.

For this event, the Classics Symposium conferences will offer reviews and analyses of the Greco-Latin texts included in the programme as a reference for understanding modern times. In order to do so, experts from the universities of Extremadura, Evora and Lisbon will be on hand as well as other specialists in a cycle coordinated by full tenured professor Santiago López Moreda from the University of Extremadura.

10th July
Samson and Delilah 
Eustaquio Sánchez Salor (UEX)

11th July 
Trinidad Nogales Basarrate (MNAR)

12th July
César Chaparro Gómez (UEX)

13th July 
Arnaldo do Spiritu Santo (University of Lisbon)

17th July
Claudia Teixeira (University of Évora)

18th July
Santiago López Moreda (UEX)

19th July 
Titus Andronicus 
Joaquín Villalba (UEX)

All the conferences, followed by a discussion, will start at 7 p.m. in the National Roman Art Museum Conference Room. Free admission until full capacity.

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