Sundays in July and August 2018

Classical Tales III

Plaza de España

CuentaClásicos III presents a new series of myth-based tales aimed at the younger audience attending the 64th edition of Mérida International Classical Theatre Festival.

With the aim of researching Greco-Roman texts and myths to bring them closer to children; the third edition of CuentaClásicos comes packed with new features.

Three new characters. Three Guardians of Myths, who safeguard in their body, mind and heart, great adventures and unsettling mysteries starring gods, monsters and mythological beings. Three Guardians of Myths with pouches, clocks, magnifying glasses, hats, spyglasses… any useful gadget, to travel the world with the sole objective of never forgetting these exciting classical stories.

In this way, children can come closer to the origin of their culture, thought and reflection.

For CuentaClásicos, the way of telling the story matters a great deal. For the first time, this edition includes a new means of communication: sign language.

Through the word, the voice, the body and sign language the Guardians of Myths connect with the emotions of the whole audience of young spectators, including children with hearing impairments.

It places the spotlight on inclusive theatre in order to meet a special need in a world full of possibilities.

New characters and new stories that give rise to a renewed atmosphere consisting of riddles, music, acrobatics, humour, magic, dance…

CuentaClasicos III is committed to ensuring the continuity, evolution and growth of the dissemination of Greco-Roman classical culture in the 64th edition of the Mérida International Festival.

THE TALE is used as the ideal tool to convey myths to young spectators. A new series of four tales inspired by classical mythology:

Aquiles, el de los pies ligeros (Achilles Light Feet):  Despite his superhuman qualities, Achilles is mortal. He is the strongest, fiercest and bravest of all Greek warriors; but with a secret that makes him weak…

El desafío de Aracne (Arachne’s Challenge):  Arachne is a very beautiful and intelligent girl who since she was very young was a highly skilled weaver. They said she was the best weaver in all Greece. But she was so proud that she aroused the wrath of the goddess Athena…

La Quimera (The Chimera):  Some say that the Chimera has a goat’s body, a serpent’s tail and a lion’s head. Others claim it has three heads: a lion’s, a goat’s, and a dragon’s or snake’s. However, all the descriptions coincide in that it is a creature that spits fire and is extremely quick. However, Bellerophon and his winged horse were superior…

El vellocino de oro (The Golden Fleece):  Mighty Hercules, son of Zeus; Orpheus, the musician able to enchant beasts with his lyre; the twins Castor and Pollux, also sons of Zeus and great warriors; Peleus, who would become king of Aegina…all embark upon the Argos. Led by Jason, the Argonauts set sail across the Mediterranean to the Black Sea in search of the Golden Fleece…

The four stories are independent and interactive. They are presented to the public through a simple, classic format; presentation, development and outcome, and to which a final moral is added for reflection.

Creative elements:

Voice, music, dance, acrobatics. Sign language. Optical games, magic boxes, sensory elements. Games, songs, riddles.

An interactive format with an educational nature.

Duration: 50 minutes. 
Audience: children aged 5 to 12 years.
Where: Plaza España.
When: Sundays in July and August.
Performers: Sergio Pérez, Jorge Barrantes and Elena Calderón.