Agusto en Mérida

July and August 2019

Agusto en Mérida Off Programme

Agusto en Mérida 2019. Leisure Events in Augusta Emerita

The Mérida International Classical Theatre Festival alternative off programme, Agusto en Mérida, features a set of events to disseminate classic culture through educational, recreational and artistic activities. Sites of archaeological importance in the city such as the Temple of Diana, the Forum Portico and the Calle Pontezuelas Thermal Baths are revitalised and once again turned into privileged settings for Greco-Latin classic culture during the months of July and August under the direction of TAPTC? Theatre by students from the TAPTC theatre school? and ESAD higher school for the dramatic arts as well as members of theatre groups from other towns and various local artists.

Agusto en Mérida has three essential aims: to disseminate Greco-Latin culture among the general public, offer recreational artistic activities and bring classic theatre productions to enthusiasts in Mérida.

The scheduled activities are described below.

There are three types of activities:


Training Workshops

January to March: the adaptation of original texts, dramaturgy or versioning work, the organization of human resources and materials.

April: a gathering for people interested in participating in the dramatization of philosophical dialogues
June, July and August: Workshops-setting up theatrical events.

Theatrical Performances

Theatrical Performances

The festival neighbourhood to neighbourhood

Friday, 5th July: Plazoleta Pizarro
Saturday, 6 July: Southern Area (the square is yet to be determined) 
Sunday, 7th July: La Calzada (the square is yet to be determined)

Edipo y los Labdácidas: ¡Qué familia! (Oedipus and the Labdacuses: What a Family!)

By Raquel Bazo

Production: TAPTC? Theatre.
Direction: Javier Llanos, Raquel Bazo, Francis Quirós and Jonathan González.

Friday, 12th July: Parque Nueva Ciudad
Saturday, 13th July: Ermita de La Antigua

Symposium – #elbanquetedeplaton #platothebanquet

A stage version by Javier Llanos of Plato’s dialogue The Symposium 
Production: S.E.T. (Servicio de Emergencias Teatrales) 
TAPTC Theatre School? 
Direction: Javier Llanos.

In the parador courtyard

Wednesday, 17th July to Friday, 19th July 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Dulce, mujer, cruel (Sweet, Woman, Cruel)

By Raquel Bazo, based on texts about Euripides, Sophocles and Aeschylus

Direction: Javier Llanos. 
Production: S.E.T. (Servicio de Emergencias Teatrales)

In the temple of diana

Monday, 22nd to Thursday, 25th July

The Eumenides

Versioning and direction of the classic Aeschylus Raquel Bazo. 
“Festival of Mérida” International Theatre Field
TAPTC Theatre School?

Monday, 29th July to Thursday, 1st August

The Eunuch

Versioning and direction based on Terence’s text: Juan Carlos Tirado. 
TAPTC Theatre School?

Monday, 5th and Tuesday, 6th August

The Trojan Women

Versioning and direction of the classic Euripides: Eva Romero. 
Escuela Municipal de Guareña

The los naranjos courtyard – assembly of extremadura

Thursday 8th, Friday 9th and Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th August

Una comedia de las de antes (An Old-Style Comedy)

Dramaturgy and direction: Jonathan González, based on Plautus’s texts.
TAPTC Theatre School?

In the pontezuelas square

Tuesday 20th to Friday 23rd August:

Hercules – Origin

Dramaturgy and direction by Javier Llanos, based on Amphitryon, Plautus and other references. 
TAPTC Theatre School?

Cinema aestas: heroic women

Cinema aestas: heroic women

Heroism is an trait generally attributed to men, which links the ability to resolve an extreme situation to violence and physical risk.

In 2019, the film selection comprising the Cinema Aestas cycle will expand this concept to choose stories reflecting one or more women up against adversity who break away from the role habitually attributed to their gender to take hold of their own destinies and turn their actions into examples for all of society.

Monday, 8th July 10:30 p.m.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower

By Hiromasa Yonebayashi

Animation. Fantasy. Children’s/Family. Mary is a young girl who lives with her Great-Aunt Charlotte in the countryside. One day, she follows a mysterious cat into the forest and discovers an old broomstick and a strange flower that blossoms only once every seven years and only in that forest. The flower and the broomstick take Mary above the clouds to Endor College, a school of magic run by headmistress Madam Mumblechook and the brilliant Doctor Dee. Mary will have to risk her life to try to set things right. (FILMAFFINITY)

Monday, 15th July 10:30 p.m.

Carmen y Lola (Carmen and Lola)

By Arantxa Echevarría

Most likely hosted by Carolina Yuste.

Drama. Romantic. Young adult/adult. Carmen is an adolescent in the gypsy community who lives in the suburbs of Madrid. Just like any other gypsy girl, she’s destined to live the same life as the generations before her: marry and raise as many children as possible. But one day she meets Lola, a rather uncommon gypsy girl who dreams of going to university, draws bird graffiti and is different. Carmen quickly becomes fond of Lola. They try to keep on with their romance despite the problems and social discrimination they must face because of their families. (FILMAFFINITY)

Monday, 22nd July 10:30 p.m.


By Lukas Dhont

Drama. Ballet. Young adult/adult. Lara is a young 15-year-old transgender girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina. (FILMAFFINITY)

Monday, 29th July 10:30 p.m.

The Battle of the Sexes

By Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

Biography. Comedy. Young adult/adult. The Battle of the Sexes was the name of the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Convinced he could beat any woman, former champion Bobby Riggs, at 55, challenged the young rising star Billie Jean King, 29, to a duel that would decide who was the “superior gender”.

At that historic period in time, the successful young athlete was a staunch defender of women’s rights and just before the event had refused to participate in a tournament where the winning male received a monetary prize that was eight times higher than the one given to the female winner. The “Battle of the Sexes” became one of the most-watched sports events on television and led to much debate on gender equality and the feminist movement. (SENSACINE).

Monday, 5th August 10:30 p.m.

Comandante Arian (Commander Arian)

By Alba Sotorra

Most likely hosted by the director.

Documentary. Adult. In this story about emancipation and freedom right during the Syrian War, Commander Arian guides a battalion of women towards Ayn al-Arab on a mission to free the people living under oppression from ISIS. Arian, who had witnessed the savage treatment of victims of sexual violence at a very young age, does everything possible so her comrades can discover the real meaning behind the fight: freedom for the next generation of women. After living for months with the commander and her troops and filming unprecedented intimacy including raw scenes showing Arian’s slow recovery, Sotorra creates a fascinating portrait of a woman on a mission. (FILMAFFINITY).

Monday, 12th August 10:30 p.m.

Función de noche (Night Function)

By Josefina Molina

Classical. Documentary. Adult. Most likely hosted by the director, Josefina Molina, and the lead actress, Lola Herrera.

Actress Lola Herrera performs Miguel Delibes’s monologue “Cinco horas with Mario” (Five Hours with Mario) every night. As time passes, she goes through a great change in personality to the point of confusing her own life with that of Carmen Sotillo, the character she plays. Locked in her dressing room, Lola Herrera and Daniel Dicenta, who separated after several years of marriage, talk and argue while going over the life they had once shared. (FILMAFFINITY).

Monday, 19th August 10:30 p.m.

Alma Mater

By Philippe Van Leeuw

Drama. Oum Yazan, a mother of three who is trapped in her home in a Middle Eastern city, has turned her apartment into a safe haven for family and neighbours in an attempt to protect them from the war. When the bombs threaten to destroy the building, the snipers turn the courtyards into death zones and thieves break in wanting horrible rewards. Maintaining a balanced routine within those walls becomes a question of life or death. (FILMAFFINITY)

Monday, 26th August 10:30 p.m.

Alien: The 8th Passenger

By Ridley Scott

Science fiction. Terror. Adult. Heading back to Earth, the towing vehicle Nostromo interrupts the trip and awakens the seven crew members. The central computer, MOTHER, had detected the mysterious transmission of an unknown form of life on an apparently uninhabited nearby planet. The ship then heads to the strange planet to investigate the source of the communication. (FILMAFFINITY) .

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